About The Naked Cupcake




While most girls were playing with dolls and dress up, I was being a SCIENTIST! A cake scientist that is! Since birthday cake has always been my favorite food, I decided to bake cakes and cupcakes as often as I could growing up. My love of cake developed into this passion and mission to create the perfect cupcake. The problem was now to decide what other people would like. So many ways to make a cupcake! So many choices! Decisions…. decisions…

As the experiments continued and guinea pigs lined up to get their daily share, I got hooked on their reactions! Being able to see and hear how much people really loved MY cupcakes did it. I. MUST. SELL. CUPCAKES. I mean, why not? I love interacting with people, especially kids (thanks to my 13 years as an educator), and I love to bake!

So there you have it folks – out of my  love of science and research, the indecisiveness that racked my brain, and my desire to just make people happy with my cupcakes, The Naked Cupcake was born.

I hope and pray that you will enjoy our cupcakes as much as we love preparing the goodies so YOU can dress your cupcake 🙂




What Do We Stand For?

Best Service

Provide excellent, positive, friendly, and fun customer service.

Good Product

Use high-quality, socially responsible ingredients.

Have Fun

Have fun! Both in baking and serving awesome cupcakes.

Be Humble

Know when to grow and always be grateful.



Omg your cupcakes are so good. My Mom had left one in the fridge for almost a week and it was still good and moist. You know what you are doing.


I will definitely be eating more of these in the future!


your truck turned out sooo good, i love the tv so you can see your cupcake being made, genius!